Monday, March 30, 2009

You think this looks bad... should see the other guy! Okay, not really. My little prize-fighter took a nose-dive into the edge of our kitchen window bench last evening. Ouch. Lucy handled it like a champ, though. I thought she might be needing stitches the way her brow was split open, but turns out a little "butterfly-ing" with bandaids through the night, and it's healing up just fine.

She saw herself in the mirror for the first time today, and just kept doing double-takes, and grabbing her forehead in disbelief. Too cute.

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4prettybabies said...

Oh, poor Lucy! My daughter also tripped and hit a table (when she was in kindergarten) in almost the exact spot as Lucy. We did end up with stitches and they told us to be careful because the skin is tight in that area and it could "pop" back open if it wasn't completely healed. We put on lots of Neosporin to help prevent scarring. Needless to say, it is barely noticable, 5 yrs. later. I hope the same for Lucy! Also, we were told it is extra important to put sunscreen on those areas (I can't remember the exact reason why, but I think that skin is more sensitive and will burn easily)! Sounds like she was a little trooper! Thank goodness for no stitches!