Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Passion

John and I got a chance to see Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" Saturday night. It was the first we'd seen it again since it came out in theatres 5 years ago. I had forgotten so much about the movie, from the subtitles to the intense graphic depiction of the scourging. Parts of it are difficult to stomach, I'll admit.
You know, I can only speak for myself, but I love this movie in that it brings Jesus' suffering to life. I grew up with a crucifix present throughout our home, our church, and even wear one around my neck most days. We pray the stations, and even hear The Passion read in church, and yet somehow, it seems that while I as a Catholic, embrace the cross, and His sacrifice, I've become almost numb to the real suffering it holds. I manage to forget somehow that our God-made-man, endured not a little, rather incredible suffering for me. For all of us.
John and I remained silent as the credits rolled, and longer. I remember the same "audible" silence as we left the theatre 5 years ago. There are no words necessary. Certainly Christ's ability to love and forgive in spite of the intense suffering and humilitation He endured serves as an example and reminder of our need to do the same in this life.
I think if you've not seen it, or if it's been awhile, it would be a benefit to you this Lent. How 'bout you? What are your thoughts on the movie? And at what age, would you consider it appropriate for your kids? (I'm certain mine are not ready.)


Anonymous said...

I have to be honest--I haven't seen the movie. I can just imagine the gruesome details they have in the movie (I hate cruel and gruesome movies).

My FAVORITE Triduum movie is "The Passion of Christ" by Radix (one man show).

jamie said...

I've never seen/heard of this one. Is it available through Netflix, you think?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Hilgeflix has it for you to borrow. It's on EWTN on Holy Thursday evening--I think.

Kurt H said...

The first time we watched it was the year after we moved into the house that we now own. We were both crying when Amy's brother Mark came over about half way through, and we weren't able to watch the whole thing.

As Amy said, it's a one-man stage performance. There's no gore or blood, but there is lots of sweat!

It's a powerful performance by Doug Barry, now the co-host of Life on the Rock, airing every Thursday at 8:00 on EWTN.

Anonymous said...

I think this year the 7th and 5th grader are now able to see it. If it gets too intense we'll forward. I agree with needing to really feel the suffering. My most intense part is at the end when Mary is holding Jesus and she looks right into the camera. Right at you. "He did this for you" kind of moment.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I watch Gibson's "The Passion" every Good Friday. It is incredible. God's love is immeasurable!!