Friday, March 20, 2009

How's it growing?

We're past the half-way point in Lent now. As you can see, some of our plans are fairing well. Others...well, there's still time, right?

My initial thoughts for lent were to try to fast more often, perhaps 2-3 days of serious fasting per week. I made it through one day. While I feel it was definitely spiritually beneficial, I tend to think now, this would be something better suited to when the kids are out of the house. My first real physical fast pointed me in the direction of the need for a different kind of fast altogether. A fast from unkindness. Let's face it, when I'm hungry, I'm a real bear, and this is no use to the 10 smiling little faces that need a mother with a little compassion. So, instead of starving as a form of penance, I'm focusing instead on recognizing the way I speak to my kids when I'm tired, or frustrated. I'm trying to be the kindler gentler mother they deserve. Some days, I'm doing well...other days...well I'm a work in progress.

Our grass seed is growing beautifully, and we're checking progress daily, wondering when we might need to trim it back in preparation for the lovely Easter gifts they are to become.

So, how 'bout you, how are you growing? Nearly ready to be that lovely Easter "gift" you want to offer to Jesus?

Have a blessed weekend all. BTW~ we've been nearly a month without take-out pizza. The kids (and myself) are very excited to be invited this Sunday to their cousins for pizza to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. It will be a nice little "Happy Birthday" celebration.

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