Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Guess What Mom!"

..."You're a grandma!!!" Alice and Emma could hardly contain themselves as they burst into the front door from school today. I must have looked more than a little confused, as they stopped to explain. Their baby chicks hatched today...part of a County Extension 4H project in their classrooms at school. They've been watching and waiting for 21 days now, I think. Finally, today the little peeps made their way into the world. Grace, Mary and John were equally excited and proclaimed their new titles and "Aunts and Uncles." Chickies Charlie and Nemo are reportedly doing well. Alice tells me that Charlie's delivery was quick...he pecked a hole, and made his way out in less than an hour. Whew, an uneventful labor and delivery.
I'm hoping to visit them after school tomorrow...I'll try to post pics of the new grand-chickies when I get a chance. We're all so proud.

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Anonymous said...

I'm honored to be the first to congratulate you!