Friday, March 20, 2009

the pitfalls of having several conversations going at once..

Several of the kids came into the house at once yesterday. They'd been playing outside in the cool breeze and burst in needing various things (a drink, potty break, question answered, etc.) not the least of which was a tissue. They all had runny trails from their nostrils. As I was assisting Frank with his tissue, Charlie interrupted with a question. At the same moment Charlie finished asking, I was telling Frank to "blow" into the tissue.
Without thinking, Charlie proceeded to blow, as he thought he was being told...without a tissue of course, and all over his face, and my sleeve. (Umm. Charlie, I wasn't talking to you..."Frank, blow.") yuck.

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Anonymous said...

That's so true--I need to watch who I say "yes" to when questions start flying.