Tuesday, March 31, 2009

always room for one more...

It makes me smile when the kids make comments about wanting more siblings. (Not that I have news, or that I'm in a hurry to have news.) I just worry sometimes that the older ones might be noticing more that life in a bigger family means doing without some of the nice things their friends have. Surely they've noticed. And yet, despite the small sacrifices, they also seem to know the joy. We are abundantly blessed.
On this note, it moved me to tears when Emma sat on the edge of my bed early this morning to tell me about the "best dream ever." She whispered "Mom I just dreamt you had another baby. It was a little girl this time, and she was perfect!"
How sweet is that.
She must have enjoyed our night out at the park last night...all 10 kids, myself and 3 school friends we invited along. Quite a van-load to haul around...filled with laughter, and singing and goofing around. Reminds us there's always room for one more.

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