Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Because Jesus is the Light of the World!

We've had an Advent Wreath for years.  It's always been the little felt "childrens" version with no real flames.  It could take no more abuse though, flames torn off and repinned, velcro fasteners was on its way out. 
This is to be our first season with a real, homemade advent wreath, and prayers, and the beginning of a beautiful tradition. 

In usual Jamie-fashion, I was a couple days late getting it together.  But alas, with some greenery and holly berries and a few pine cones from the yard, and yet another trip to the store for candles...we are ready to light it up!  And so at dinner last night we did.  Complete with a little background about the meaning, brief prayers/ was lovely.

And the best was when little Charlie excitedly interrupted..."Mom, do you know why we light candles and string christmas lights?" 
"Tell my why," I begged.
"Because Jesus IS the light of the world, you know.!" 


Happy Adventing.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Butterflies from heaven

The other morning, I walked into the kitchen just as the kids were having a conversation about Heaven and what it might be like.  Little John added that he's excited to see his brother Cyril and his kidney. 
"Do you think your kidney is waiting for you in heaven?" I interrupted. 
"Sure," he went on to explain.  "I was born with it, it died, and now it's probably floating around heaven tied to a blue balloon, just waiting for me."  He said very matter-of-factly.

Interesting to me that he thought of things that way.  But I sure didn't try to argue with him...what do I know of the "rules" of heaven?

The kids went on, about how baby Cy was probably with Grandma Alice, and that it would be cool to meet them both someday.  And we joked that maybe Cy wasn't really a boy (we miscarried before we could really know), and that maybe she'd give us all a little grief for naming her all wrong. 

Anyhow, the conversation somehow drifted to who might get to heaven first, and how we might be able to send a sign, or a smoke-signal, or something to the rest of us here, to let us know we made it...and that me met up with Cy and Grandma.  I thought this was genius.  And so after much argument/discussion, we finally settled on purple butterflies.  One for "we made it" and a pair if we're greeted by Cy.  (For the record, Frank voted for a short-tailed squirrel, and Sam said he'd send down Johns kidney/balloon.) 

Very cool.  Hopefully our memory is made perfect in heaven, and someday (many, many moons from now) I can delight my kids on earth with a perfect pair of purple butterflies from heaven.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Advent

I haven't even posted tidbits of our thanksgiving, or updated you on the kids' latest shananigans in weeks.  I've got to tell you about our recent conversation on Heaven initiated by 8 year old John, who's looking forward to meeting his "dead" kidney's a story that requires sharing...I'll get to it.
But first...since I've failed to aquire a proper Advent wreath in a timely fashion, I'll at the very least share our prayers/reflections with you.  (We'll be using them at home each day with dinner, as well I'll be using them with my 7th grade religion class.)

A blessed Advent to you and yours.

SundayPrayer: To you, my God, I lift my soul. I trust in you.

Mary and Joseph lived happily at Nazareth, doing their daily work with joy.
I will do my daily work well today, and with joy- for God.
Joseph received the order from the Roman ruler to go to Bethlehem and register. He obeyed the order and got ready to go.
I will obey my parents, teachers, and others in charge of me.

Mary got their house ready and began to pack what they would need for the trip. She did so without complaint.
I will not complain today, even if I must do things I do not like.

Mary and Joseph traveled by donkey.
I will be happy with the things I have and will not ask my family for more or better things.

Mary and Joseph ate the food of the poor on their journey.
I will eat healthful foods today rather than those that are not good for me. I will thank God for the food I have and pray for the hungry.

After traveling all day, Mary made Joseph a meal, and he found her a resting place.
I will do something special to bring joy to my parents and family today.