Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Advent

I haven't even posted tidbits of our thanksgiving, or updated you on the kids' latest shananigans in weeks.  I've got to tell you about our recent conversation on Heaven initiated by 8 year old John, who's looking forward to meeting his "dead" kidney's a story that requires sharing...I'll get to it.
But first...since I've failed to aquire a proper Advent wreath in a timely fashion, I'll at the very least share our prayers/reflections with you.  (We'll be using them at home each day with dinner, as well I'll be using them with my 7th grade religion class.)

A blessed Advent to you and yours.

SundayPrayer: To you, my God, I lift my soul. I trust in you.

Mary and Joseph lived happily at Nazareth, doing their daily work with joy.
I will do my daily work well today, and with joy- for God.
Joseph received the order from the Roman ruler to go to Bethlehem and register. He obeyed the order and got ready to go.
I will obey my parents, teachers, and others in charge of me.

Mary got their house ready and began to pack what they would need for the trip. She did so without complaint.
I will not complain today, even if I must do things I do not like.

Mary and Joseph traveled by donkey.
I will be happy with the things I have and will not ask my family for more or better things.

Mary and Joseph ate the food of the poor on their journey.
I will eat healthful foods today rather than those that are not good for me. I will thank God for the food I have and pray for the hungry.

After traveling all day, Mary made Joseph a meal, and he found her a resting place.
I will do something special to bring joy to my parents and family today.


Amy said...

Love...I'm gonna share this with my family! As always, thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

This is excellent! Thank you!