Sunday, April 25, 2010

a lifetime of deceit, EXPOSED!

It came like a blow to the gut this weekend, as John and I discovered first-hand we'd been lied to (by the women who gave us life, no less) for years. Did you know (or are you still living the lie) that chewing gum does not stay in your belly "for seven years" if swallowed?! Nope. Won't even stay there seven days! I changed Lucy's diaper yesterday to discover not one but 4 pink wads of chewing gum in her stinky diaper. The same 4 pieces of gum she'd shimmied into the top cupboard for the day before.
She's blown the lid off of a lifetime of questionable stories we'd been fed since childhood. Next we'll find out that if we try to cross our eyes they won't really stay that way forever. (gasp!)

Friday, April 23, 2010

celebrating new life.

Yesterday, I heard the heartbeat! The beautiful, galloping heartbeat of the tiny miracle of life that continues to grow inside me. Praise God! I had no idea how consumed, and nervous and anxious I could or would become during this pregnancy after experiencing the loss of a miscarriage at 3 months last year. We've been tremendously excited about a new baby, don't get me wrong about that. But it's been difficult to fully participate in the wonder and joy, when the thought of losing this one again has been consuming my thoughts. I'd had spotting for about 2 weeks, which didn't help to relieve my fears any. The "3 month" mark has been looming like a dark cloud. That's all in the past now though. A weight has been lifted, I feel like I can breathe again...and begin to imagine the possibilities, and wonder and plan for this new baby to be. God, the Author of Life, is good and kind...and I am humbled and grateful.

"I will bless the Lord at all times.
Praise shall always be on my lips;
my soul shall glory in the Lord
for God has been so good to me."

~James Moore, Jr. -lyrics, Taste and See

Thursday, April 15, 2010

who says chivalry is dead?

3 year old Frank happened into the bathroom this morning while I was in the shower. After a little small talk through the curtain, and realizing it was me in there, he kindly asked "May I get you the toys now?" (The bath toys are kept in a small storage drawer near the tub, and I usually insist the kids wash first, play later.)
What a little gentleman! I had to respectfully decline. Showertime was up, and I had to be moving on. But "thank you, Sweet Frankie." I'll take a raincheck.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boys! Check this out!

A friend of mine has worked for several years now to plan and organize a "princess party" (fundraiser event) for little girls to dress and play the part. Our girls have LOVED being a part of it in years past, but the boys...well, they just stay at home as far away from the primping and pageantry as possible. This year she's managed to pull together a fundraising event just for the boys. I'd be remiss in not sharing the details, cause my little men are PUMPED for this. (Thanks Stacy! We can't wait.)

What: Bob the Builder Party
(Meet Bob, make your own tool belt, and also meet Minster's Firemen and EMT volunteers who will have their firetruck and squad on site for tours.)
When: Sunday, April 18th 2-4pm.
Where: St. Augustine/St. Joseph Parish Center
Cost: Donation--all money raised will be used to offset the cost of of the ND Vision retreat at Notre Dame for local high school students.

Come dressed in your "work" clothes. There will be door prizes, coloring, tool belts to decorate, fireman hats, and much more!!
Remember your cameras!

Girls, don't feel left out, more information to follow regarding this year's Princess Party planned for May 15th!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

play ball!

Grace had softball practice last evening. It gave the rest of us an opportunity to hang out at the park during her practice and monkey around a bit. (and boy did we monkey!) The nine with me kept busy playing on all the cool playground equipment...chasing other kids in a wicked game of tag, swinging, sliding, and of course making black rubber-mulch pies. Everyone seemed to have fun as evidenced by black knees and elbows and hands from the shredded rubber mulch bedding. Yuck. No escaping a bath-night for 10. The black-stained bodies would have been enough...but why stop there? One team finished practice a couple minutes early, leaving behind an empty dusty diamond just calling our names. We couldn't resist. The nine kids and I took the field to play the championship "air" baseball game of the century, complete with imaginary balls, bats, and plenty of homeruns to spare. It was a hoot, and I'm sure we were entertainment to the few parents standing by to pick up their kids from practice. We were too busy to notice. We ended the game with the 10 of us running the bases several times around, with the older kids sliding into home each time around. Dust anyone? The kids were covered in it head to toe, so much so that you couldn't see the black mulch dirt hiding underneath it.
Definitely a ring around that bath tub, but worth every priceless minute! It's just too bad Grace was tied up with her team, and couldn't join us. I think she may have a better grasp of the fundamentals...but we definitely won the game!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, Monday...

“Every other day, every other day
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah.
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin all of the time.” ~The Mamas and the Papas

(big sigh) Yep, it's Monday. Washer is working overtime, clothesline is full, and the house is turned upside down from a weekend of family fun. I find myself sipping the coffee a little slower today, roaming room to room picking up, putting away, straightening and still feeling as if I'm getting nothing done. Monday. Uggh.
Oh, but what a wonderful weekend it was...(sigh, again) baseball games in the backyard, ice cream, Sunday mass then visiting with family in New Albany. Have I mentioned before that we LOVE visiting there?! There are few places we can unload this giant-sized family on someone's front door step and not feel like a burden...Steve and Martha's is one of them. It was a gorgeous day for playing outdoors, venturing to a nearby park (and I'm not exagerating that this was quite an adventure...with trails and "cricks" to follow. Too fun!) The kids had a "spanking machine" for cousin Ben who was celebrating his 11th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!
There were laughs and giggles, cake and ice cream, baseball and "pickle", Capture the Flag, oh and plenty of good conversation for moms and dads. We left too late (for a school night) and fell exhausted into the van for the 2 hour drive home. (and yes Martha...we did have to stop for another bathroom break...darn kids drinking all that good pop!) But if I heard it once, I heard it 10 times..."Today was the best day ever...when can we go back?!"

(sighing again) now it's Monday. I'm grateful that God has blessed us with wonderful family, food to fill our bellies, laughter to warm our souls, good health, and love to fill our hearts. Even the laundry doesn't seem too horrible today as I remember the kids running and playing the weekend away to fill these knees with grass-stains. Who am I to complain?!

Another cup of coffee, anyone?!
A blessed week to all. ~jamie

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter bliss

Yep...I'm in love...with these...

I think this is what's making me feel so good...maintaining a constant (albeit elevated) sugar level is helping to ease the nausea. Nevermind what it's doing for my butt. Ahhh. Loving Easter.

Say "cheese."

It's not always easy getting everyone together and smiling for a picture...we try though.

Frank and Charlie were pouting (and cursing my name under their breaths I'm sure) after I confiscated their new sunglasses for the picture. Lucy was busy picking her dry lips. Everyone else squinting through the bright sun/wind. Geesh. Oh well, it's documented. Easter 2010...12 of us (plus new baby in mom's belly) cleaned up for Easter Mass, and ready to enjoy the day!

Happy Easter!!!

the great pet debate~SETTLED.

Thank you Easter Bunny!!

I've mentioned before that the kids of the house, particularly the oldest few have been requesting (i.e. BEGGING) for a dog for nearly a year now. They add it to the bottom of my grocery list each week, flag pictures and favorites from the local animal protection league website, and even mention all their friends who are getting new pets. John and I have talked about humoring them, but in reality we are nowhere near ready to commit ourselves or our home to the responsibility of a dog. I just can't. period.

The Easter Bunny is a much kinder, considerate being though...and he settled the great pet debate by delivering an adorable little Easter (guinea) Pig for all to enjoy. The kids were thrilled, and so far have accepted the responsibility of cage cleaning (poo detail), and feeding/watering the little creature with open arms. Oh, and they don't mind holding/snuggling with it one bit. She (aptly named Bandit for her black "masked" eyes) NEVER lacks for attention...lacking for peace might be another story.

Welcome to our home little Bandit!

catching up

"tick, tock...doo, doo, doo, doo-doooooo. Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin...into the future." ~Steve Miller

(Sorry I slipped away there again...)
It's one of those overcast, super-windy days here. The kids are busy with their dad pulling weeds (and finding worms) in the yard, while I get through piles of unfinished business here in the house today. Everything from dusting (and picking up scattered Easter grass everywhere), filing local taxes, renewing my nursing license online, sorting through papers and finally marking all the kids' baseball/softball/teeball schedules on the calendar. Whew. I've really let that kind of stuff slip lately with my low-energy, nauseated pregnant state. (Must admit though...each pregnancy has gotten MUCH easier in that department. Long gone are the pregnancies of hyperemesis, vomiting up ice chips, and requiring IV fluid treatments in the hospital. Praise GOD!)

I'm beginning to get a glimpse of my countertops again, which is always a nice feeling. The wind just whipped my towels and washrags dry (and a few into the neighbors yard.) I think the rest of my laundry will go into the dryer today, just to keep me from having to chase it through the neighborhood. Have to conserve energy where I can...even if it's just my energy.

Hope you all have a grace-filled week, living and loving the blessings to behold in another "ordinary" day.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alleluia Easter!

Easter Blessings to you all.

pull what out of where?!

Little Charlie is mesmerized by the magic trick of pulling thing out of his ears. I'm no magician, but somewhere along the line I fooled him into believing I could pull a quarter out of his ear. Now he asks for that trick often. One afternoon John and I spent what seemed like an eternity passing a quarter behind his back, and pulling the same quarter out of his ear over and over and over again. Charlie's giggles and requests to "do it again" were priceless.

Unfortunately, he seems to be completely unaware that it is just a trick. Last week at the mall while shopping for some new shoes for Easter, he asked me for some ice cream at the food court. We'd just finished sharing some pretzels and a drink, so I commented we were "out of money" for snacks. He shrugged and asked, "Can't you just pull some out of my ear?"

(sigh) If it were only that easy...