Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the great pet debate~SETTLED.

Thank you Easter Bunny!!

I've mentioned before that the kids of the house, particularly the oldest few have been requesting (i.e. BEGGING) for a dog for nearly a year now. They add it to the bottom of my grocery list each week, flag pictures and favorites from the local animal protection league website, and even mention all their friends who are getting new pets. John and I have talked about humoring them, but in reality we are nowhere near ready to commit ourselves or our home to the responsibility of a dog. I just can't. period.

The Easter Bunny is a much kinder, considerate being though...and he settled the great pet debate by delivering an adorable little Easter (guinea) Pig for all to enjoy. The kids were thrilled, and so far have accepted the responsibility of cage cleaning (poo detail), and feeding/watering the little creature with open arms. Oh, and they don't mind holding/snuggling with it one bit. She (aptly named Bandit for her black "masked" eyes) NEVER lacks for attention...lacking for peace might be another story.

Welcome to our home little Bandit!


Kurt H said...

Of all the pets we've had, the guinea pigs were definitely the smelliest. I hope yours works out better than ours did!

Anonymous said...

YIKES... 10 kids and a pet... I foresee a short life for the little guy...
not the perfect pet for kids..stinky, when they escape they hide for days/weeks, and they BITE the older they get...GOOD LUCK