Tuesday, April 13, 2010

play ball!

Grace had softball practice last evening. It gave the rest of us an opportunity to hang out at the park during her practice and monkey around a bit. (and boy did we monkey!) The nine with me kept busy playing on all the cool playground equipment...chasing other kids in a wicked game of tag, swinging, sliding, and of course making black rubber-mulch pies. Everyone seemed to have fun as evidenced by black knees and elbows and hands from the shredded rubber mulch bedding. Yuck. No escaping a bath-night for 10. The black-stained bodies would have been enough...but why stop there? One team finished practice a couple minutes early, leaving behind an empty dusty diamond just calling our names. We couldn't resist. The nine kids and I took the field to play the championship "air" baseball game of the century, complete with imaginary balls, bats, and plenty of homeruns to spare. It was a hoot, and I'm sure we were entertainment to the few parents standing by to pick up their kids from practice. We were too busy to notice. We ended the game with the 10 of us running the bases several times around, with the older kids sliding into home each time around. Dust anyone? The kids were covered in it head to toe, so much so that you couldn't see the black mulch dirt hiding underneath it.
Definitely a ring around that bath tub, but worth every priceless minute! It's just too bad Grace was tied up with her team, and couldn't join us. I think she may have a better grasp of the fundamentals...but we definitely won the game!


Shivaun said...

Beautiful post!!! I'm pregnant with my seventh and am inspired by your awesome attitude. BTW, how did you have energy for all of that? I'm due in November and can hardly get off the couch! I'm a little suspicious that there might be two in here this time! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Springtime fun...I love it! We definitely have bath night every night again, but the dirt is just evidence of the hard work of playing. Keep the sunshine and warm weather coming!

jamie said...

Thanks for checking in!
~Shivaun--just happened to have a "good" day. Most days I could sleep standing up! Looking forward to hitting the second trimester, and gain a little energy back. Congrats on your number 7 (and/or 8!) Keep me updated on that good news!

Shivaun said...

I will! Thanks! :)