Saturday, April 3, 2010

pull what out of where?!

Little Charlie is mesmerized by the magic trick of pulling thing out of his ears. I'm no magician, but somewhere along the line I fooled him into believing I could pull a quarter out of his ear. Now he asks for that trick often. One afternoon John and I spent what seemed like an eternity passing a quarter behind his back, and pulling the same quarter out of his ear over and over and over again. Charlie's giggles and requests to "do it again" were priceless.

Unfortunately, he seems to be completely unaware that it is just a trick. Last week at the mall while shopping for some new shoes for Easter, he asked me for some ice cream at the food court. We'd just finished sharing some pretzels and a drink, so I commented we were "out of money" for snacks. He shrugged and asked, "Can't you just pull some out of my ear?"

(sigh) If it were only that easy...

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