Sunday, April 25, 2010

a lifetime of deceit, EXPOSED!

It came like a blow to the gut this weekend, as John and I discovered first-hand we'd been lied to (by the women who gave us life, no less) for years. Did you know (or are you still living the lie) that chewing gum does not stay in your belly "for seven years" if swallowed?! Nope. Won't even stay there seven days! I changed Lucy's diaper yesterday to discover not one but 4 pink wads of chewing gum in her stinky diaper. The same 4 pieces of gum she'd shimmied into the top cupboard for the day before.
She's blown the lid off of a lifetime of questionable stories we'd been fed since childhood. Next we'll find out that if we try to cross our eyes they won't really stay that way forever. (gasp!)


Anonymous said...

tooo much info....GROSS

Amy said...

TOO FUNNY! Surely we don't pass on these awful lies to our children...right?