Thursday, April 15, 2010

who says chivalry is dead?

3 year old Frank happened into the bathroom this morning while I was in the shower. After a little small talk through the curtain, and realizing it was me in there, he kindly asked "May I get you the toys now?" (The bath toys are kept in a small storage drawer near the tub, and I usually insist the kids wash first, play later.)
What a little gentleman! I had to respectfully decline. Showertime was up, and I had to be moving on. But "thank you, Sweet Frankie." I'll take a raincheck.


Beth said...

Cute! I love his thoughtfulness!

blessed to be a Mom said...

My "baby" boy is like this, too! At 3 years old, he usually makes sure that when he gets something to eat or drink, he gets enough for everyone. He did this with friends that were over on Saturday. Went out to get Caprisun and came back in with one for each of the kids. Such a gentleman. Of course, if I tell him that he says, "I'm Ethan".

Unknown said...