Friday, March 13, 2009

and who will celebrate our mass for us?

The whole crazy conversation started because "The Music Man" dvd just hit our mailbox from Netflix yesterday. It's one of our favorite musicals, so the kids know the lyrics to all the songs about as well as I do now. Every time we see the movie, I remind John (and the kids) that when we celebrate our Golden anniversary, I will sing "till there was you" for John as his gift. (poor guy). Anyhow, the subject came up again, and I asked the boys if any of them would like to celebrate the mass for us. (cause there's a chance one of them could be a priest, right?) Sam, shrugged nonchalantly. "I don't think it will be me Mom, but if so then, yeah whatever." Conversation moved on, and a few minutes later Charlie pulled on my sleeve and mumbled "Mom I'll hold your anniversary mass for you." My heart skipped a little beat, excited at the thought that he would even imagine wanting to be a priest someday. I smiled and thanked him. "Charlie that would be wonderful if you would be the priest and have our anniversary mass for us."
He continued "No, mom! I don't want to be the priest. I want to be the pirate, and I'll hold your anniversary MASK!"
(sigh.) Okay, 3 might be a bit young for vocational discernment. We're not even on the same page. One can never say conversation is dull here, though.

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Anonymous said...

Not only will your singing to John bring talk to the town but could you imagine how many would be reading your blog if your son decided to be a pirate!!

That would be too cool her in this small, tiny town--don't all of the Minsterites agree?