Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feels like Sunday...

The kids had the day off school today, and for some reason it's got me thinking it's a Sunday. Unfortunately, John and I had a funeral mass to attend this morning, and he still had to go in to work this evening, but the kids and I managed to turn the day around thanks to a visit from family (lots of cousins!) My sister-in-law and her kids were in town visiting during their school spring break, so they along with some other local family members who also had the day off school came over for an impromptu spaghetti supper. Lets see, there were the 3 moms, along with our 21 kids...that adds up to a house-full pretty quick. Thankfully the rain held off for the most part, so the kids spent much of the time outside shooting hoops, or riding bikes/scooters, etc. The littlest ones spent much of their time in their high-chairs at the kitchen table listening to moms gab, and happy to be tossed a grape or breadstick, or unfinished cake left by an older sibling. I think little Lucy loved having cousin Kate (11 months) sitting next to her, to share forks, sippy cups and already gummed breadsticks. They were pretty cute together, and seemed to entertain each other quite well. We always love having cousins over to visit, and I enjoy the conversation with my sisters-in-law immensely. I was never blessed to have sisters of my own, so I'm grateful for the ones I inherited through marriage.
Anyways, it was a great evening. Our last guests left in time for our kids to get showered and mellowed a little before bed. It's back to school for our bunch tomorrow. Wednesdays here means the kids attend mass before school. We're so fortunate to live in a community where our public school has made it possible for release time so that all students may attend mass together once a week. Tomorrow my 2nd grade class is preparing for the liturgy...doing the readings, bringing up offertory, carrying a banner in the procession, etc. Sam and I are quite excited (and I'm a bit nervous) to see how it all goes. The kids have worked so hard planning and practicing. It should be quite a special morning. I better go, need to double check to be sure I've got things in order.
Blessed night to all!

Just wanted to include our menu for the evening (cause people ask now and then what a meal is like for the 12 of us, so it's fun to think about feeding 2 dozen.)
2# spaghetti
2 lg. jars store-bought sauce
5 dozen breadsticks (fresh baked~Alice helped me knead the dough!)
lg. bowl grapes
few carrots, celery and peppers with dip (I think the kids just used the veggies to get the dip to their mouths)
and a dozen or so pieces of cake, cut in 1/2's to make it go further (assorted flavors, leftover and shared by a neighbor from a luncheon yesterday)
Incredibly simple, wonderfully delicious...tastes even better when eaten in great company!


Anonymous said...

Jamie - I was at the mass this morning and thought it went wonderfully well. Those kids with the readings has some pretty hard words, but read thru them like champs! I was all the way in the back and could hear and understand all of them easily. Their shirts were too cute also! Thanks for the preparation before today. Margo just loves your class and was totally excited to be a part of the mass today.


jamie said...

thanks Amy! I thought they were awesome too. The pleasure is definitely all mine...I enjoy teaching these kids immensely, and feel like I learn as much from them as we go along. Can you believe First Communion is just around the corner!?