Monday, March 16, 2009

Need rosaries?

I think I mentioned last week that our next project for Lent is rosary-making. The girls in this house (and even the boys at times,) love to string beads. I thought it would be a great idea then to get the kids started on stringing rosaries. The couple that are finished so far, I think are just beautiful, and there are a few more in the works that I think will be just as nice. A friend picked us up some beads at Walmart, and I was able to get the crucifixes and center pieces through a catalog order. A friend of mine suggested using dental floss to string them with, it's super easy for the kids to handle, and knots well. I think it's working great. I have enough supplies to do 10 or 12 I think. Although, I think we'll be making more in the future. But we have no plans for whom to share these with just yet. Anyone planning a mission trip, or having need of these rosaries, we'd love to donate them. Just let me know. It would give the project even more special meaning to know they're going to someone who would need/use/appreciate them! Just drop me a comment.


Anonymous said...

A trip to St. Charles Seminary sounds like it's needed--those retired men would love to not only receive a rosary from your kids but also to be entertained by your kids.
It's a sinch to visit--if you're not sure how it's done throw me an email.

Anonymous said...

Otherwise, I wonder if you could send them to the troops in Iraq? I sent care packages to a family member who was there and these would have made a great addition to his care package! They are beautiful...tell your kids they are doing a GREAT job!