Monday, March 9, 2009

Kleenex (check)
Tylenol/Motrin (check)
cool wash clothes (check)
cough medicine (check)

Seems as though the flu bug is visiting. We're trying desperately not to make it feel welcome! Sam started with a cough Sunday morning, but I chalked it up to being out all day in the cool air on Saturday. No such luck. By last evening he was wracked with body aches, fever/chills and a nasty cough that kept him (and me) awake most of the night. He's home from school and on the couch today. I'm back to using Lysol on everything, hoping to keep this one at bay. Pray for us.


Kurt H said...

Sorry to read that the bug has returned to your home. I am convinced (or maybe I've convinced myself) that we get more grace from joyfully offering up the mortifications that God sends to us and we accept than from those of our own choosing.

Say, didn't you post about that after cleaning up a little mess during the bug's last visit?

jamie said...

yep, thanks Kurt. Fortunately (I guess) this round doesn't have "clean-up" involved. I'm guessing it to be the actual Influenza virus, which is more upper respiratory/fever/aches. Just making those involved miserable. I'm already grateful to be able to leave the "barf-bucket" off of this checklist. God must see me as in great need of opportunities for grace...

Anonymous said...

Influenza isn't fun...I had it 2 yrs. ago and my then 3-yr. old son had it as well. It knocked me out for a complete week (he seemed to fair a bit better). The whole family took tamiflu to prevent them from also getting it. I hope you're able to keep it from passing along to you all. I'll keep you in our prayers and hope for a speedy recovery for your son!