Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sowing seeds of love

Our next Lenten project idea came from my second grade religion class. It ties in nicely with the Parable of the Sower from Matthew, which we'd talked about in relation to the Liturgy of the Word at Mass.

We decorated flower pots (at home here, we used styrofoam cups) with colorful spring flower designs and the saying "Jesus gives us new life." The kids then filled them with potting soil and grass seed. We're watering them, keeping them in the sunlit window sill, and waiting patiently for the first sign of new growth. Just as we are growing closer to Jesus, nourished by His Holy Word, so do the seeds grow (we hope) carefully tended and nurtured. Our intention (here at home) is to add a few homemade treats to the grass-filled pots and and share them at Easter time. Although the kids have not been able to decide just who to share them with yet. For some reason, I'm thinking we'll be making more pots to accomodate everyone on their list. I hope I have enough windowsill space. Did I mention everyone LOVED this project with lots of dirt to run their fingers through!! (and to sweep up afterwards.)

(note: in class, the kids pasted a photo of themselves onto a cutout flower form, attached to a popsicle stick. They look just adorable "blooming" from the grassy pots!)

A prayer: "Lord, faith in your Word is the way to wisdom, and to ponder your divine plan is to grow in the truth. Open my eyes to your deeds, and my ears to the sound of your call, that I may understand your will for my life and live according to it".

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