Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring has sprung!

(Or at least bounced for a bit!)

I think it's safe to say everyones heads hit the pillows hard last night. We were teased with a bit of spring weather yesterday, so we took full advantage of it. After school and homework, we headed outdoors. It took only seconds for all the neighbor kids to converge in our driveway, which is how I love it. There were enough kids to have games going in every corner of the yard...from jumping rope, basketball, scootering, kids playing in the fort. I love it!
After supper, we all walked to the school park for the last 45 minutes before dark crept in. The kids all played so well. There were no other kids there for the older ones to pair up with, so it was nice to see my older ones helping the little ones try the monkey bars, or climb up high to the "swirly slide." This was Lucy's first real park adventure, as last year she spent most of her summer in a stroller or carrier, oblivious. She LOVED the slide! It made me a little sad to realize that there would be no baby in my arms, or stroller to push around all summer. My kids are growing up, and wanting to do things independently. It's bittersweet. I long for the tiny baby stage, and yet it's liberating to be able to just grab a wagon for the toddlers and take off. And now I'm hands free to join in on the fun. (I loved the slide too.)
Anyhow, after showers the girls voted for a pedicure night. Alice got a foot bath for Christmas and some peidicure supplies for all the girls. I had an older foot bath as well, so we filled them both, and took turns treating each other to a little pampering. Sam was off to his Catholic Boys club meeting, so even the young boys enjoyed the attention, and soaking in a warm foot bath. After everyone was duly pampered and relaxed, we settled in with some library books, and rounded out the night with the Stations of the Cross, with the help of some simple homemade Station booklets Sam and I made in religion class. (I'll try to get the link for the printable accordion-fold booklets...very cute and simple)
It was a truly enjoyable evening. I'm looking forward to warmer weather coming and making itself at home for awhile.

(I wish I could say my night ended at 9 too, but that's when I pour another cup of coffee, and am just getting warmed up. I managed time for my prayers and Lenten reflections, a little computer time, chatted briefly with mom on the phone, scrubbed the kitchen floor, ran the dishwasher, folded 4 loads of laundry, picked up a few toys in the basement...and shoes someone would be looking for desperately come morning, and finally fell into bed around 12:30 with my rosary. John woke me when he got home at 1:30 and I was still gripping the second decade tightly. Didn't quite get through it, but hoping the Blessed Mother understands...)


Anonymous said...

Oh...don't you just love the quiet time after kids are in bed? I get so much done in such a short amount of time! Sounds like you took full advantage of the beautiful weather and made more precious memories with your little ones. You are inspiring, to say the least!

Barb said...

They always say that if you fall asleep, your angel will finish your rosary for you...
Sounds like you had a wonderful evening...I do miss those days of young children in the house.
Hope you have a blessed weekend!