Monday, March 9, 2009

It's 37 degrees this morning!!

What on earth happened to our taste of spring? I know, I know. It's still winter. But come on!

We had no plans for the weekend with the exeption of Sunday mass. So we took full advantage of our wonderfully warm weather. We took a long walk Saturday morning...that is John and I walked pulling 3 in the wagon and 7 more sped ahead on scooters. What a funny sight. I baked a small turkey Saturday afternoon while the little ones napped, but didn't feel like messing with all the sides, so we had a picnic supper in the backyard of cold turkey sandwiches, grapes, and chips. By late afternoon most of the neighbor kids had drifted into our yard to play, so we had a couple extra for our picnic supper, but it all worked out fine. Later in the evening as dark crept in the older kids stayed out playing "ghost in the graveyard" and "kick the can" with the neighbors. What a sweet taste of summer. Are we there yet?!
Anyhow, with the time change it was a struggle getting out of bed and ready in time for 10:00 mass, but we made it. All but Lucy who still goes to my parents. Frank and Rose have been coming to mass now that John's with us too. They sure are making a great transition I think. They behave pretty well. Even Alice commented that "Mom, 2 seems to be the right age for starting the little kids at church. Why didn't we start taking Charlie then, so he'd behave better." We did. He just hasn't caught on yet.
Anyhow, mom and dad had a wonderful brunch ready after mass for us...all our Sunday morning favorites, eggs, bacon, toast, fresh fruit, and of course donuts. Yumm.
Dad's starting on a woodworking project for us. We've decided to get rid of the chairs around our kitchen table and go with wood benches instead. Nobody seems to know how to keep chairs straight, with feet under the table which causes more arguments than we need. We're hoping it will give us more room in the kitchen as well. Anyways, after pricing them online, we're thrilled that Dad's willing to undertake this project for us.
We finished out the weekend with a 4H meeting Sunday evening. John and most of his siblings were members of the Minster Livestock group for years, and now our girls have expressed an interest, so we're going to see how it goes. My one condition is that they can't take animals to the fair. We have no room in our home for pets, and fortunately free-range chickens, goats and other larger animals are not allowed in town. Emma's decided on a bird that involves building a feeder, and identifying birds. Alice is interested in cooking or arts and crafts. After attending the meeting last night, I'm certain it will be a very enjoyable, rewarding experience for them. This morning it's raining and cold again. The kids are happily playing with the dollhouse which was on hiatus in the attic for 6 months...for this very is new and exciting all over again, with enough accessories to keep everyone (boys and girls) happy for hours. Me, I'm drinking coffee, lots of it, trying to get motivated for another day in winter paradise.

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