Tuesday, August 12, 2008

who's calling please?

No, really, I can't hear you. Who's calling please?
Emma's soccer coach called yesterday to give me the season-starting details, practice times, etc, and I was embarassed to have to ask her to repeat details multiple times. Not because I'm hard of hearing, but because our house is noisy. (an understatement) Nobody's hurt, there's no party, we're not watching an action-thriller on tv...it's just noisy. Oh, and you are all aware of the default feature built into children's brains, aren't you. When the phone rings, without fail, an interal alarm goes off in their little heads, and strange behavior occurs. From peaceful playtime, the phone ringing sets off the desire for snacks, the need to potty, an inclination to steal a toy they would typically have no interest in...and the list goes on. I've tried phoning friends or taking care of "phone business" during quiet times, and without fail all H*LL breaks loose. (pardon my french). But it's true. This is why you more than likely won't catch me making a social call during daylight hours. This doesn't mean I don't appreciate calls during the day...an adult voice (especially one not 'selling' something) is always a bright point of my day...so keep the calls coming. But please understand ahead of time...it's noisy here. Can you repeat that?

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