Tuesday, August 19, 2008

back to school blues.

It's finally here. No more denying it. Schools back in session starting tomorrow. I seem to be the only one in the house fighting it though. New shoes are lined up in the kitchen, backpacks plump full with crisp notebooks and yet to be sharpened pencils lay waiting on the bench, clothes ironed and laid out, and dare I say it...alarm clocks set. (sob, sob.) How could it happen that I feel so completely caught off-guard by this year's start. It's been jotted on the calendar since the first of summer. What happened to the last 3 months??!! The parks, the playgroups, the picnics, the pool?! Why must it end?
Alright, maybe I'm going a bit overboard. Grace (with all of her drama) is rubbing off on me. Truth is, it was kind of nice putting everyone in bed by 9, and the thought of having 6 less kids in the house during most afternoons might just be nice. Perhaps I'll get to snuggle with Charlie for his naps just a bit longer. Hmmm. A less-noisy cup of coffee in the morning might not be all bad. Yeah, maybe it's a good thing. Maybe I won't miss late-nights catching lightning bugs, and even later mornings sleeping in. Maybe spending time doing homework and organizing schedules will grow on me. Maybe, just maybe I'll be posting a little ditty about how quickly this school year flew by, and "can't believe it summertime again!" real soon. Yeah, maybe.
Here's to a blessed new school year!


Barb said...

I'm sad at the ending of the summer too...it went way too quickly! I homeschool, so my boys are still home with me, but it means trying to do all I do around here and do school. The worst is that my babies are growing up too fast..
I love your shoe-shopping expedition and your trip to Adoration.
Adoration is probably my favorite part of every week...I absolutely love it. God is good, indeed.
Hope your first day of school goes well...God bless!!

only one said...

Happy first day of school to the six oldest. Even with me not having a school age child, I still have a school age husband. He seems to get as giddy as children do at going back to school. Now, his family gets to grow by leaps and bounds. He seems to be happiest when school is in session. Schhol doesn't start for another 2 weeks here.Have a great year.