Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rock on..

Today's Gospel told the story of Jesus proclaiming Peter to be the "rock," the very foundation on which the church would be built. The same Peter who did not want his feet washed, the same Peter who denied Jesus (not once, but 3 times), the very Peter who did not want Jesus to suffer for the sake of all, and who lacked confidence in the storm. This was to be the man on which our church is built. In this I find hope. Hope that if Jesus can find goodness and worthiness in us despite our imperfections, then perhaps we can be "rocks" too. On days when I am a doubter, when I don't feel capable of "handling" or perhaps unworthy of all the blessings I've been given, I can find peace knowing I'm not meant to be perfect, just good. And that in admitting our shortcomings, and asking Jesus for forgiveness, as Peter did, we can also delight in the promise of a share in the kingdom of heaven. May we remain strong in our faith, proclaiming God's good word, being a "rock" for Christ's church, starting at home, and "rockin' on."

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