Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a blast from the past.

I had the opportunity to visit with some good friends/former co-workers tonight. It's been 10 years since the Assisted Living facility I used to work for opened its doors, so an Open House celebration took place. I happened to be one of the first nurses hired in to what became a very close-knit (all but ecclectic) group of men and women. I spent just a couple years there, until the time Alice and Emma came along, and then I took my leave. Other than an occassional Christmas card, I'd fallen out of touch with these friends, so it was wonderful to be reuinited with them tonight. As I left the party and drove home though, I became even more aware of how God brings people into our lives, sometime only for a short while, but always with purpose. The people I'd met there helped me to find the best part of me. I believe my perception of myself changed, and acceptance of others for their unique differences grew, enabling me to embrace my faith more fully. My prayer life grew stronger in those years, and I developed a special connection with the Blessed Mother as I was reaquainted with the Rosary by one of the other nurses. What beautiful people, and what a wonderful stepping stone on my path through this blessed life. Thank you God for taking care.

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