Monday, August 18, 2008

weekend recap

My apologies to those checking in. I've been neglecting the posts this weekend...too busy just living life. John left early Friday with 8 other family members for Alabama. His brother Phil was celebrating his retirement from the US Army after 24+ years of service. (Oh, and did I mention he's 50 now too!) The kids and I stayed behind, van-less. We had a very nice weekend though. With Frank and Rose's birthday, grandparents came for lunch on Friday. The kids and I walked to the park for a picnic supper later that day. They all enjoyed hunting for locust shells. I think they found more than 50. (Awesome!!!!) When we got home, we were visited by Rosie's godfather Jay, wife Jackie and newborn Luke. It was the first we'd met Luke, and I enjoyed holding him immensely. He's a solid little guy. I just love that newborn stage...wish it could last a little longer.
On day as usual. For some reason, the kids worked incredibly well together...finishing their chores (and then some) in record time, and with no arguing. Thank God for small miracles every day! So, for a treat we walked to McDonalds after supper for some ice cream. Yumm. Thanks Grandpa S. for the birthday McD's gift certificates. It's fun for the kids to "pay" with their own "money." We stopped for a brief time at the park, and hunted interesting stones for our rock collections. Alice found one shaped like a heart which actually was pretty cool. We ended the night with baths for everyone, a visit from grandma and grandpa who started a campfire for us, and brought 'smores fixins. (And a corona light with lime for mommy...yeah!!) I have to admit, I missed John most for the end of day conversation that we share, so it was nice to have adults to talk to at the end of the day, to help fill that gap.
On Sunday we made it to church, and later had a nice brunch with Grandma. The oldest 3 kids were invited to a local parade with the neighbors. And more visitors. This time Frank's Godmother, Dena and husband "Chick" dropped by. Chick helped us to set up tents in the backyard in preparation for cousins that would be visiting later in the evening. Our New Albany family arrived later, John's sister Martha and her 5. What a fun time it is when they come. The kids all play so well together. Our Sam loves having boys his own age around to rough-house with. We made another campfire, and more toasted marshmallows. (No corona this time...had to keep my wits about me.) Their were 15 kids and 2 moms, and while it was a little loud at times, I enjoyed every minute of it!! I just love when company comes. The 5 oldest camped in the backyard, while the other 10 found beds in the house. It worked out perfect. John got in late, around 1:30 am after dropping off his other passengers. What a relief to have him home safe with us again. (Thank God for more answered prayers.)
That brings us to Monday morning, today. Our guest have just taken off for other visiting with grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. It feels like all the fun was just sucked right out of the house with them when they went...the kids are suddenly feeling the effects of their late-night, early-morning camp-out, and my coffee has not yet taken effect. A nap sounds really good. I think we'll just take it slow today. Hear about dads trip, maybe slip out to the mall for school shoe shopping, before classes start Wednesday. Hmmm.......can't believe summer's on it's way out for another year. If only it were the first monday of summer, and not the last...
God Bless!

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MJ said...

My kids are now in college and grad school but I always hated to see summer end and them back to school. I enjoyed having them home. Of course now as a teacher I still hate to see summer end. Where did it go?!