Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some mornings go smoothly...

...and some mornings we have drama. Today, a little drama. I would expect this with 6 girls in the house, but didn't think it would start this young. I try to eliminate as much morning angst as possible by being prepared. For one thing I set up the coffee pot the night before. There, I'm ready. It's also required of all school kids to lay out clothes (socks and shoes included) the night before. I even check it, cause God knows black and navy only go together in a bruise (SAM!) Anyhow, bookbags are laid out, cereal bowls and spoons set out...you get the picture. This morning though, things just weren't working out for Alice. The cute t-shirt she picked out last night just wasn't fitting the way it had last time she wore it (the bottom hem was rolling up and it was bothering her.) Anxiety led to tears, then yelling, and more tears. I nonchalantly suggested she head back upstairs and find something else. (Apparently she expected more of a rise out of me...so she sobbed back upstairs.) Emma, who's always the first ready...cause she doesn't care what she looks like, headed upstairs to give Alice a shoulder (not a helping hand...she's useless in the fashion dept.) A few minutes later Emma came down, and whispered "It's not goin' good up there mom." By this time, I had sorted through a basket of clean tees, and was able to send Emma back up with a shirt for her twin. I love how despite their extreme differences, times like these allow them just to be there for each other. Emma could have antagonized, but she didn't this time. She just shared in her "pain" and helped however she could. The rest of the morning went smoothly, and everyone got off to school with smiles on their faces, and those few moments of drama and tension were behind them. For now.
Peace to all! God is good.

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