Monday, August 25, 2008

Houston, we have a breakthrough...

2 year old Rosie has begun to say "Yes." Okay, some of you are saying "big woop!" I know. But, "no" and "I dunno" have been her only words (aside from mom and dad) for months now. So to hear the word "yes" was music to my ears. She seemed to know it was a big deal, and played it up nicely for me. I bombarded her with "yes" questions all day long, just to hear her linger on the "s" sound...with her little tongue hanging out to stretch the sound a little longer. Rosie have a stinky diaper? "Yesssss," Would you like a clean one? "Yessssss" Need a drink? "Yesssssss" Kisses for mommy? "Yessssss," Are you pretty? "Yesssss" Ready for naptime? "NO!" (okay, she likes the new word, but she's no dummy.)

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