Thursday, August 14, 2008

living the simple life

I just read somewhere yesterday (sorry if it's stolen from your website), that we must "learn to live simply, so that others might simply live." Wow. I'll be the first to admit that we here live the anti-green life. I choose for now to take the convenient route...paper plates, disposable diapers, cheap cleaning products that get the job done. My thoughts are wrapped around stretching the budget, and not saving mother earth. On that same note though, we have learned to make do, or do without. Emma (3rd grader) just got her first new backpack since preschool. (the shock, I know...same backpack for 4 years!) There was nothing wrong with the old one, and John will be recycling it for preschool this year. I had to laugh as she was "breaking in " her new one today. "Look mom! I think I can hold on to this one for a few has a cell phone holder for when I get older." I if! I'm guessing, the cell phone holder will be a great place to hold a pack of gum, or pair of sunglasses, not likely ever a cell phone.
But I can let her dream...

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