Sunday, August 24, 2008

little rock-n-rollers

OMG! How old are they again? 7 and 8, or 17 and 18?! All of the kids have been sharing in the fun of "fashion shows," from boys dressed as contruction workers or football players, to girls in party dresses. I'm fine with this creative play. I'm even cool with them destroying/losing most of my clothespins with the stage curtains they clip up in the basement. But quite frankly, this ensemble scared me. No, not the all black...although it caught me off guard that they'd heard the term "goth" and used it to describe what they were wearing. It frightened me that in a split-second, I felt 10 years older, and completely unprepared for the teen years. (Imagine...9 teenagers in one house...OMG!) Anyhow. I tried to be cool. Told them how "cute" they looked and encouraged them to wear their outfits to school. They immediately returned to their rooms and changed. Thank goodness, reverse psychology worked out this time. "Cute" is a word that changes Emma's mind in a heartbeat. These self proclaimed rock-n-rollers nearly rolled right over me today. Yikes. Just breathe Jamie, just breathe.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind the "dressing-up" in our house--it's the cleaning-up that drives me CRAZY!!

Anonymous said...

I am entering the teenage years and junior high and all the angst and drama that goes with it. When your kids start singing the lyrics to songs that begin with "back in '89" - then you know you're "old"!