Tuesday, August 26, 2008

going bananas (over grapes.)

Mmmmm...I love the smell of grapes. Real grapes, fresh from the vine...not like bubble-gum grape flavoring but real grapes as God intended. We planted a couple grapevines 3 years ago, and this is the first season they've produced enough for more than just the birds to enjoy. John and the kids picked a large grocery sack full, and together with Grace and Mary, I cleaned and made juice of them. 30 quarts of beautiful, delicious grape juice canned and ready to be enjoyed. I see the jars lined up on the cupboard cooling, and I smile thinking of John's mom who gave me my first lessons in canning more than 10 years ago, just before she passed away. It was tomatoes and peaches then. She was so patient, sharing her skills and tricks of the trade that came with years of experience. I think she might just be happy to know that the art was not lost on me, that I did learn something wonderful from her, and that I'd loved to have learned more. Ever grateful for the blessings in my life...bountiful harvest, loving supportive people, beautiful family. God is good.

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