Saturday, August 9, 2008

good "clean" fun?

When's the last time your feet got really dirty? I mean, like when we were kids, and spent the entire day outside barefoot. And at bedtime, we'd all sit on the edge of the tub and take turns washing our feet (cause it wasn't bath night.) We had our kids at the park tonight, and then to the baseball diamonds to say hi to a few classmates who had turned out for the annual alumni softball tournament. By the time we returned home, the kids were black from the knees down. So, in the tradition in which I was raised, I lined the kids up 3 at a time on the edge of the tub and scrubbed feet. Rosie was actually wearing pink toe-nail polish...which wasn't evident pre-soap. It made us both laugh as she "oooh"-ed at the sight of it finding lost treasure. After feet, they took turns at the sink washing face and hands. It was much quicker than baths, I know now why our parents did it that way. Needless to say the ring around the tub was something to behold. Just imagine 90 dirty little piggies making their way through your tub in just a few minutes time. (Not 100, since Lucy stayed clean in her stroller.)
More precious memories of summer.

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