Tuesday, August 5, 2008

growing pains

It is a deep heavy sigh I breathe, as I realize that my "babies" are growing up. Our first two are nearing 9 and wanting a space of their own that doesn't include Barbie, dress-up gowns or Little People. That place is impossible to find in this house with 8 younger siblings who have no concept of personal space. So, in trying to keep the peace, they helped me to reorganize the basement and carve out a "big kids" niche with desks, chairs, music, and a few 'tween posters. (I'm not sure I like a pic of Zac Efron's belly button fur hanging right above where Alice is meant to be studying, but "he's so cute!") Anyhow, I still imagine the pair in diapers, gumming the tv remote or toddling along furniture. Before I know it, they'll be asking me for car keys, or worse yet permission to date. Maybe I'll tuck a little Polly Pocket in their top desk drawer, in secret hopes they'll stay young forever. After all, Alice promised me at the age of 3 that the only boy she'd ever kiss was Daddy, and she'd live with us forever! Oh, how today I feel like holding her to that! (maybe when the 'tweens turn to 'teens, it will seem easier to want to let go!)
For now, I must snap out of it...preparing to take the oldest 7 to a minor league baseball game tonight (3 youngest heading to grandma and grandpas for the evening.) Pray that the weather holds out...and a little prayer that grandma holds out too! thanks mom!



Anonymous said...

Reading your POSTS aren't suppose to make me cry!!

But they do grow up too fast!

"Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardship as the
pathway to peace."

Barb said...

They do grow up way too quickly...
I realize that my daughter (who is 21) will be leaving home within the next two years and it still makes me sad to think about, but the thought is becoming a bit easier.
Hope you have a good time this evening and that the rain holds off!
God bless..