Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who was St. Rose?

Interesting that I just read that today is the feast day of St. Rose of Lima. I had heard her name before, but didn't really know anything about her...that is until just last week. The stained glass windows are being renovated at our church. So one by one, each window is carefully removed, temporarily replaced with clear glass, and then returned when completed. They're looking beautiful as ever. It just so happened that last week the window of St. Rose returned and mom asked me after mass, why she was wearing a crown of thorns. Hmm, didn't know, so I 'googled' her. Turns out St. Rose was known for her remarkable suffering (at times wearing the metal barbs which she hid with a crown of roses) as a means of penance and unity with the Divine. She is also the first canonized saint of the new world. A little Catholic/saints trivia for you today.

St. Rose pray for us, that we may recognize our trials and sufferings as a means to bring us closer to Christ as well. Amen.


Mommy and more said...


I finally signed up as a blogger so I could tell you how much your blog does for me, my family, and many other mothers who have been reading it...It entertains yet inspires incredibly. You share the joys of motherhood and not the worlds view of its burdens. We have 3, 3 and under, and I get overwhelmed just trying to work part time and be a good mother and wife. How you so gratiously handle 10 inpires me every time. You are an incredible model for motherhood. When I read, I sense your relationship with God and it sometimes brings tears, and a needed lift. It proves that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us (even 10 kids!). I just thought you should know what an inspiration you are to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

jamie said...

All praises be to God, for it is only through the whispers of the Holy Spirit that I'm able to share these blessings through words. Anyone who knows me can attest that I have trouble speaking in complete sentences!