Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a look back at the younger versions of us...

Some how the time capsule was cracked open today. I caught the kids checking out our wedding video (from almost 14 years ago!) It was entertaining to watch their reactions to their much younger aunts and uncles, and wonder out loud why a lot of their cousins weren't there. ('cause they weren't born yet either.) At one point in the film, photos of John and I in our dating days played. Little Mary asked if we were "moms and dads" yet. Grace responded before I could with "Of course not can't have babies till after your married!" It made me grateful that they associate the blessing of family within the vocation for which it was intended. May God continue to bless our family, and yours.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy looking at our Wedding videos--

It's also funny watching their reaction when an Aunt/Uncle looked 50lbs+ thinner back then--"who's that?" "NO WAY!!"

BTW: I'm convinced that my Wedding dress shrank!!!

Barb said...

A video from our wedding is something I would dearly love to have, but they weren't doing that 30 years ago. I always wish I could hear the homily from our wedding Mass...I can't remember a word of it!
I hope you've had a blessed day!