Tuesday, December 1, 2009

best of intentions...

There I go again, disappearing for a few days. I wish I could say I was up to something really crazy or mischeivous, but alas, I was just consumed by the events of ordinary days. Well mostly. There was Thanksgiving (2 full meals!) on Thursday, All day (19 hours to be exact!) shopping on Friday, and our Gourmet Club dinner on Saturday. Sunday (ah, rest!) rang in the first day of Advent and a nice day to put out the Christmas lights and get a few of the decorations out. Monday I was back to work, and still getting out more Christmas decorations in my spare time, which brings us to today...still more christmas decorating. Oh, and did I mention a mild stomach virus is working it's way through our home, one little trooper at a time. Fortunately it's mostly belly aching, with not much actual "activity" and only mild fevers that seem to run it's course pretty quickly. So far 7 have been hit. (Thank goodness it is VERY mild!)
I'm tackling christmas decorations in small bits this year...one dusty shelf or nook at a time. I'm quite glad to report, that I'm nearly finished with the decorating and the shopping. So now I can breathe, and spend my time doing what's meant to be done this Advent season...waiting and anticipating the coming of our King.
I came across some great little daily prayers/reflections for Advent. I'll try to post them early each day or perhaps weekly, if you're interested in sharing them with your family. We'll be saying ours at breakfast time...the only meal we can all be together.
In putting out the decorations, I've also come to the realization that I've collected quite a few Nativity sets over the years, and will try to share pictures of some of those in the days ahead.
Peaceful night everyone!

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