Monday, December 21, 2009

thoughts and pics from the weekend

We celebrated our first Christmas party of the season on Saturday evening. My mom's family gathered in St. Henry and we enjoyed a wonderful meal, singing, Santa with gifts for all the children, even some reminiscing about Christmas' past. It was well attended (near 150), with mom and all but 1 of her 10 siblings, their children, grandchildren and great granchildren. What a crowd!
Unfortunately, John had to leave early with one of the girls who was overcome suddenly with the aweful stomach virus that had hit most of the others. By Sunday, 11 of us had been hit. Charlie seems to be walking around with a big red bullseye on his back, and we keep waiting for him to show symptoms. I pray he's just fortunate, and avoids it altogether.
There were enough well here on Sunday to finally celebrate Lucy's 2nd birthday, just 2 days late with cake, and a visit from grandparents... even an unexpected visit from her Godfather who lives 2 hours away. How kind of him to think of her, and make time to stop in!

Happy Birthday Dear Lucy!

Traditionally, Lucy receives another piece to the Nativity set her grandparents started for her when she was born. This year, she got Gabriel, the shepherd. I love the admiring little look she gives as she checks the set out together. This one stays out year round on a little shelf in our bathroom. It's just too pretty to box up after Christmas.

Ever-thankful for you Lucy, God's Little Princess!

Sunday evening, Alice and Sam donned their finest Christmas duds to participate in our parish's Christmas Concert. The evening included Christmas music performed by our Men's Choir, Mixed Choir, Children's Choir, Bell Choir, Folk Group and even the Brass Ensemble. John took Emma and Grace along for the evening, and I stayed home with the rest of the crew. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. I was tickled just to see my two leave here looking so handsome/beautiful! Melted my heart...

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