Monday, December 7, 2009

Let it snow!

It was the first accumulating snow of the season today...not much, but a nice dusting of the white stuff fell last night, and lingered on the ground most of the day. Yippee!
The kids reeled and screamed with delight this morning to see their long lost friend. It meant an emergency scramble for hats and mittens for the school kids. Fortunately I had pulled the bin of snow clothes out of storage last week with the best intentions for going through them soon. Today was soon. Even the youngest ones picked through our mound of hats and mismatched gloves, earwarmers and scarves. Something for everyone, and more.

I enjoyed watching the kids dressing up in their hats and mittens tonight in the basement "pretending" to build snowmen and forts with their toys. Hopefully won't be pretending for long. Anyone else still a big "kid" on the inside when it comes to snow. I know I am.

(Note to self: stock up on hot cocoa mix next time it's on sale. 'Tis the season!)