Saturday, December 19, 2009

My baby is two!

Can't believe I missed the opportunity to post about baby Lucy's second birthday on December 18th. Perhaps it was the raging stomach virus that tore through our ranks, that kept me from writing. As a matter of fact it kept us from celebrating at all. From Thursday through tonight, 11 of the 12 of us have been hit hard with a messy, but thankfully short-lived stomach bug.

Lucy's cake went right into the freezer, and we're hoping tomorrow might be a good day to celebrate. Cheers to good health, and another year with our baby girl. (okay, 'spose she's not my "baby," and yet...she'll always be my "baby!")

The birthday girl enjoying cupcake and cocoa earlier in the week.

The cake and candles will have to wait till bellies here can tolerate it.

Happy Belated Birthday baby girl!

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MJ said...

Yes she will always be your baby girl. My youngest just turned 22 last week and I still call him baby boy even when I talk to him. He doesn't mind a bit.
Happy birthday to Lucy!!