Monday, December 21, 2009

O Come Let Us Adore Him

5th in a series...

This Willow Tree Nativity set was a gift from John on our 10th wedding anniversary. It too, stays out year round, typically on the dresser in our bedroom. I moved it out to the bookshelf in our family room this Christmas though, and added a single white light behind it to make it glow. I believe there are many more pieces now to the set including a creche, animals, kings, etc. But I've never looked into collecting them all. I kind of like it just as it is...simple.

This next one sits very high atop the 7ft bookshelf in our tv room year round. It's a Fontanini set that Grace received when she was born from a dear friend of mine. It looks a bit cheesey with the colored lights around it, but most of our Christmas decor is colored lights. It glows quite beautifully in the evening. And I like it despite the cheese.

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