Monday, December 21, 2009

So honestly...

How are you holding up this Christmas? I'm exhausted, I'll admit it. Thanks to the additional hours at work, the stomach bug that hit us hard last week, and the constant list of things to do...I'm starting to feel the burn. I didn't finish all my Christmas baking...and honestly, not really disappointed. I got a good part of it done. I bought Christmas cards, but have yet to write them out. Starting to feel like it's okay to let that slide too. Aside from the gift exchange gifts for school tomorrow, I've not wrapped the first gift. I should be thinking about that. Actually though, John and I have gotten into the habit (tradition?) of sharing that task late into the night on Christmas eve. It's fun staying up late with him, and it allows him to see what I've accomplished shopping, before the kids actually unwrap it all. So, I'm not really even sweating the wrapping yet.
Oh, but trying to keep the house clean for visitors to stop by, attempting to stay ahead of the laundry so we have clean clothes for the parties and special masses, and wondering if I should get groceries again before the Christmas weekend...when all I really want to do is take a nap...yep. That's what's wearing me out.
I'm so looking forward to entering into Christmas with the 4 o'clock Children's mass on Christmas eve...where Alice and Sam will be singing in the choir, Emma has a reading part, Grace, Mary, John and Charlie will be dressed as angels...leaving just a few of us left in the pew together to enjoy it. We'll follow that up with Christmas eve dinner and celebrating at my parents, where my brother and his family will be home from Florida for our first Christmas together again in 9 years. That will be Christmas!
Yep...I can't wait for it to be here. All this waiting in joyful's exhausting. I can't wait to be in the heart of it...the love of family, the joy of giving, the peace that seems to follow in those 12 days of quiet Christmas at home. I'm ready to soak it all in.


Amy said...

I'm with you Jamie...still not quite ready for everything, but I'm not stressing too much. Almost done wrapping, picking up a few final filler gifts today, baking is done. I just need one last run to the grocery for recipe supplies (we have four parties in three days)and I'll be set to enjoy wonderful time with family. We've had three family member pass away in the last few months so I'm sure there will be some sentimental moments too. We have really embraced the spirit this year in dealing with those losses. Have a blessed and joyful Christmas and enjoy the kids...I may be as excited as they are!

blessed to be a Mom said...

So awesome for you to be able to have Christmas with your brother! I can't imagine that many years without Christmas with all my family. Enjoy every minute of it.

Ginny said...

Merry Christmas Jamie,
I am relieved to hear I am not the only one getting stressed about Christmas. I tried so hard to focus on Advent this year...that I procrastinated and thought Christmas would take care of itself. Well guess what it didn't and I have been scrambling to catch-up. No Christmas cards this year...and a few less baked goodies, but my college kids are home! The house is filled with lots of laundry and laughter.
And everytime someone asks if I am ready for Christmas my reply is No, but I will be ready once the day is here. Ultimately my prayer is for Jesus to come close in my heart and the hearts of all. Merry Christmas to you and to all your family. Christmas is when Love comes into the world, may you feel his love surround.