Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fourth Sunday of Advent

prayer, reflections

Prayer: Come, O come, Emmanuel; ransom captive Israel!

Mary and Joseph waited patiently for the coming of Jesus.
I will try to be patient today, especially when others keep me waiting or do things that bother me.

Mary and Joseph thanked God for a safe trip and the stable to stay in.
I will thank God for all he gives me. I will show my parents I am grateful for all they do for me.

Mary and Joseph were at peace because they trusted God to care for them.
I will trust God to help me today to be a peacemaker in school and at home.

A beautiful, very bright star shone in the night sky over the stable.
I will bring the brightness of joy to everyone I meet today.

Christmas Day
Mary and Joseph welcomed Jesus with great love!
I will welcome Jesus with great love also and offer him all my good acts and prayers during the weeks of Advent & Christmas.

A Blessed Christmas to you all!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the advent prayers. I have been looking for some that were short and sweet but made a point and these are perfect. My kids enjoy them also.

Anonymous said...

I have been using your advent prayers with our advent wreath, because they were much more "child friendly" than my previous prayers. Do you have prayers for Friday, should Christmas fall on a Saturday next year?

jamie said...

So glad you're enjoying them as we are.

Yes. There are prayers listed for Friday/ follows...

Mary and Joseph prepared for the coming of Jesus.

I will be helpful at hoe these last days before Jesus' birthday.