Wednesday, December 23, 2009

pluggin along.

With Christmas less than 2 days away now...though beginning for us tomorrow, I've made a push to finish a little more Christmas baking, wrap a few gifts (ahead of schedule), and recruited the kids to help with some much needed cleaning. Sam ran the vaccuum in the basement while I was at work, and Emma tackled the upstairs bathroom.
Frequent phone calls with my parents indicate that both of my brothers and families are on their way home from Florida, though slightly behind schedule. They're expected to arrive home sometime around 3am. Yikes. (My big brother who lives in Jacksonville is driving his family home for Christmas, and our younger brother who lives in town here, is returning from a pre-Christmas Disney cruise with his family.) Just so happens they managed to meet up on the interstate and are caravaning home together. It IS a small world afterall!
I'm actually looking forward to scrubbing the kitchen floor tonight (how sad is that?) and have a handful of other things to check off my browning sausage for my Christmas morning brunch, wrapping a few more gifts, maybe even splurging a little and dipping my feet in a warm soak for a little pedicure. I'll be working tomorrow and plan to get home just in time to help everyone get ready for the 4 o'clock Children's mass. That reminds me...I better see who needs ironing done for mass. Add it to my list...

I was going to skip these, but decided last minute that it just isn't Christmas without frosted sugar cookies. Yummm.

A few minutes of snuggle time with my baby girls and their "naked toes."

Charlie got a boo-boo. Accident with the scissors while "crafting" with his big sisters. Alice made it all better with a much-too-big bandaid.

The girls (and a few young boys) stayed busy in the kitchen making cards and posters to welcome home Jim, Judy and Jamie from Florida. It's Jim's birthday on Christmas eve.
Happy birthday big brother!!


Unknown said...

I love the pics jamie. they are so cute and the cookies look makes me

jamie said...

stop by after christmas Emily! We'll save you some! Merry Christmas.

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