Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lets talk!

(Radio, that is.)
Please join me this Monday morning (yes that's tomorrow!) for my Family Spirit Alive program on Radio Maria (88.7fm) or listen live online from 11:30am to 12:30pm, and plan to CALL in with comments, questions, thoughts, you-name-it. I'm relying on you listeners to call and help make this an interactive program! (I get tired of hearing myself...)


Kurt H said...

Caught your show on the radio for the first time today! I never knew you were so verbose (in a good way) and erudite.

You did a great job today.

jamie said...

Kurt...I had to look those up. Thank you. (I think.)


Stacy said...


I listened to your show today and thought you did a wonderful job!! You have such a warm, kind-hearted voice. I too, love the song "Mary Did You Know" and was glad that you played it. It's one of my favorite christmas songs. I also thought it was soooo cute of you to say hello to your kids and hubby at home. My kids got a kick out of that! I can only imagine what your kids thought when they heard their names on the radio!

Bonnie Trzaska said...

I missed the show today, too crazy at lunchtime with some extra little friends here. Do you know if it will be re-broadcast next Monday? Or sometime during the week? Hope you're having a great day! Peace, Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I missed your last broadcast, I'm sure it was just great! When are you going to be on again so I don't miss it?