Saturday, December 12, 2009

3rd Week of Advent

continued prayers/reflections.

Prayer: I will be happy, O Lord, for you are near.

Mary and Joseph were offered only a poor stable to stay in. They accepted gratefully.
I will excuse others when they are thoughtless, and I will try to be more thoughtful of others today.

The animals helped to warm the stable by being there.
I will share the warmth of my friendship with others, especially with someone I do not like.

Joseph cleaned the stable for Mary and for Jesus, who would soon be born.
I will keep my heart pure today by thinking and doing only pure things and by saying only kind things about others.

Mary put fresh straw in the manger to make a bed for the Christ Child.
I will brighten the day for others by smiling and showing how happy I am that Jesus is coming.

Joseph made a bed of clean straw for Mary to sleep on during the night.
I will secretly do a kind act for someone who is not very friendly toward me.

Mary unpacked the swaddling clothes that would keep the baby Jesus warm.
I will warm my heart with love for Jesus by doing a kind act for each one in my family.

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Martha said...

Thanks for this week's edition, Jamie! We are enjoying these prayers posted on our kitchen cupboard each week--thanks so much for sharing--these are so applicable for families and it's fun to unfold the Christmas story a bit more every day--thanks for this great idea!