Tuesday, April 14, 2009

why Grace thinks 10 might be better than 3 after all.

A few days back, 6 year old Grace was frustrated about having to share something. (The complaint came at the dinner table, so it may have been about sitting too close to someone...I really can't remember now the source of this conversation.) Anyhow, she grumbled to us all "I wish we only had 3 kids in our family." Trying not to sound mocking, and yet sort of tickled, I replied "hmm. Then you wouldn't be here to complain to us all." She looked confused at me. "You're #4, remember?" I continued. She thought a bit longer. "Okay, maybe we should just have 4 or 5 then."

It led to a funny conversation about exactly where would have been a good place to "stop" having kids. A little shout of baby-talk from Lucy in her highchair reminded us that 10 seemed right. We were all laughing by then. How on earth could we get through the day without any of them?!

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Anonymous said...

You know--whenever I get a comment from an unlce about how many kids I have I can't help to think what number he his out of 13, usually it's the younger uncles (child #8 or 10) who makes comments like that.