Monday, April 6, 2009

my "calgon" moment from the weekend

It's always a bit zoo-ey around here. Saturday though, I had one of those "Calgon, take me away moments," and my poor sweet neighbor girl was here to share in it. (She came back to play on Sunday though, so it must not have been too traumatic.) We'd been outside all afternoon, cleaning the shed and getting patio furniture out, airing up bike tires and going for rides, kids playing in the yard with neighbors, putting a few Easter decorations outdoors, etc. Just as I was getting supper ready (that's always a "magic" hour, not?!) John decided to drive off to get me a bucket of gravel for one of my many projects. One of the older (jr. high age) neighbor girls came in with Rosie who had a splinter in her hand. I retrieved a tweezers from the bathroom, and set a fussy Lucy on the kitchen counter, so I could work on Rose's splinter (while neighbor girl held her). Just as I'm making progress on the splinter, the timers for the oven and stove began beeping (bread, pasta, and veggies all done.) Fussy Lucy stops whining for a moment and proceeds to vomit all over herself and the kitchen cupboard. Poor neighbor girl looks at me in horror, wondering what I'm going to do first. I turn off the beeping timers and burners, etc.. Give Rosie a kiss on the hand and let her know I'll get back to that splinter later, and proceed to pick Lucy up by the feet and back (to keep the barf spooned on her front, and carry her straight for the tub.) Poor gagging neighbor girls takes Rosie back outside, mummbling (and gagging some more) "Cleanup is always the worst." Man, you got that right.
John was back in just a few that time we had Lucy bathed, and ready to be taken up for a nap, (poor thing had thrown up what looked to be breakfast and wonder she was fussy!) kitchen countertops cleaned and disinfected, stinky trash taken out, supper on the table, and nauseaus neighbor kids on their way home. Oh, and I finally did remember to get back to that splinter...on Sunday evening. Sorry Rose.


Anonymous said...

Just a day in the life, AMEN?! I hope the little one was the only vomiting episode you have to endure! We had some kind of stomach bug twice in a month - ran through a majority of the crowd here twice. UGH! Just what you don't need during Holy Week!

blessed to be a Mom said...

Boy, Jami, don't know how you do it. I pray God gives me some strength and patience like He has you!