Sunday, April 26, 2009

oops, I did it again

I went the whole weekend with not even one look at the blog. Too busy enjoying the weather, and much needed quality, family time. This past week or two, and for the next week to come for sure, we're managing at a pace much faster than our comfort zone. It's happening for a number of reasons...spring sports (3 of the kids have begun practices for baseball and softball), swimteam parents meeting, preparations for First Communion including meetings and practices, meetings at work, and on and on. On top of all the usual business the season brings, John has been helping with the school and church bus routes (he's a substitute bus driver) for a couple drivers who required some time off. The bus routes for church involve picking up students from our public middle school during their release time, and bringing them back and forth to our parish center for religion class. This can mean 4 or 5 15-minute routes or more per morning, depending on the number of routes open. Those short routes mean I can't plan much of anything. Needless to say, we've been embracing the weekends, and look forward to our daytime schedules slowing down just a bit. (The evenings will remain crazy...that goes without saying.)
Sam and I had practice for his First Communion on Friday after school. It's hard to believe it's only a week away. I'm really looking forward to his full participation in the mass, and I think it's safe to say, he's pretty excited as well. Saturday, we helped the neighbors pack up what was left of the garage sale items. My two little red wagon-loads of treasures that I hauled over earlier in the week were mostly gone, and turned quite a little profit (hint of sarcasm), so I think we might just splurge on ice cream at the Tastee one day this week.
Today, our family packed up the van and headed to New Albany where my nephew received First Communion. Wanting the mass to be special (i.e. not interrupted by several noisy toddlers) we opted to meet at the house after mass for the party. We arrived before anyone was back from church and let ourselves in to wait (we're family). This is where I have to comment about how much hard-work and planning Martha (mother of the first communicant) obviously had to put in for this special day. In addition to the spiritual formation of this young fella (which is most important, right?) she outdid herself with planning and preparing a beautiful party. The house was immaculate when we arrived, not a toy out of place. Food, snacks, cake and every sort of treat was spread out, waiting to be opened and enjoyed. Crockpots were warming, tables were set, yard was neatly mowed with chairs and a tent. It was just a sight to behold, probably because I don't behold sights like that at my house often. The same feeling I get from finishing a crisp-pressed cotton shirt, or pulling from the oven a golden pie with warm apples oozing, I was momentarily moved by the simple beauty of her hard work(I made the kids play outside, so as not to mess anything up before anyone else could appreciate it too.) I couldn't help but smile later wondering how long her kids were buckled in the van, ready to get to church while she ran through the house doing one last sweep of things. She's amazing! (okay, I'm sure her dear husband may have played a part too...but when it comes to party planning, I think it's usually mom steering the ship...sorry steve.) I wish we could say we left things the way we found them...we had a great time, the kids had a ball as evidenced by a yard full of water toys, balls, frisbees, etc. They all slept great in the van coming home, and played off a bit more energy when we got here, riding bikes and scooters up and down the sidewalks. It was late to bed for them by the time we got showers and baths in, even though it was a school night, none of us wanting the weekend to end. It is ending though, bringing about another hectic week sure to be filled with fun and adventure along the way. I'll try to keep you posted. Peace!


Unknown said...

You're right Jamie, Martha deserves all of the credit and she is amazing. Thanks again for coming. We love having all of you here.

Martha said...

ok, i must say that you are way too generous with your compliments; i had junk hiding all over the place in laundry baskets and drawers and cupboards, but you are very kind for reporting that my house seemed put together. it's amazing what a deadline will do for my ability to clean up the place! You should see it now! Oi! Love you--thanks so much for coming to celebrate Michael's big day with us! You are welcome here anytime, whether I had a minute to clean or not! We love it when you visit!