Thursday, April 23, 2009

mothers day is coming up

I think you should ask for this!
A good friend of mine (Amy of the My Little Saint realm) started this business over a year ago. She did some cleaning for me here (just a one-time event) as she was starting up, and it was fabulous!! As a matter of fact, a few days after, another friend stopped by for a visit, and asked if I got all new kitchen appliances. (They were dirtier than I realized, yikes.) Anyhow, maybe you should let hubs know how much you'd love to spend more time with him and the kids without having to tidy up the house first. Flowers are nice, but if he's gonna invest any money at all this holiday anyway (on behalf of the kids of course) ask him to make it something you'd all benefit from! You might be surprised by how affordable it could be.

(couldn't help the shameless advertising...I do think she did an awesome job, the few ladies she has working for her are gems, and let's face're all worth it!!)


blessed to be a Mom said...

I have recently invested in having someone clean my house every other week. I was able to finally pay off my school loan this year. (I now am a proud OWNER of my degrees!) Then we had to put our dog to sleep who was on medicines costing over $100/month. The day we put him to sleep, I called about having her clean my house. I decided I deserved it, I guess. It has been wonderful. Can't say there still isn't lots to do with dinner, dishes, laundry, baths, and homework, but it feels so good to walk into a clean and good smelling house on those Tuesdays!

Anonymous said...

You're so funny Jamie--now, this is putting a good word in for me!