Monday, April 27, 2009

a chance meeting in the milk aisle

When people find out we have 3 sets of twins, they often ask if I've ever heard of that happening before. While I'm sure I'm not the first, I really had never heard of or known anyone...that is until Saturday morning.
I had young John and Mary with me at the grocery store for a few things, when we came upon the sweetest looking elderly man giving out samples of chocolate milk. He was quick to give the kids a cupful, and they loved it of course. (It's something I never buy.) He mentioned I could get it on sale "with a coupon" he provided. I giggled and told him, I may just splurge this time, with the coupon, but explained that with 8 more kids at home it wasn't something we'd buy often. It seemed we were destined to meet, and he smiled and proceeded to pull a notebook out from under his sample cart. The book was full of old faded newspaper clippings from his local Ft. Wayne paper (many years back) and from Ripley's believe it or not. Turns out he had a twin brother, and two other sets of twin brothers nearly the same age. (Can you imagine 6 boys virtually the same age!?!) His mom posed them in basketball uniforms as they had their own team. She went on to have a set of twin girls as well. How crazy is that?! It was so cute talking to him, as I explained I also had 3 sets of twins, along with the 4 other singles. It was a real pleasure, and I'm so grateful to have met him. You just never know who God's gonna put in your path at any given moment...and who'da thought I get such joy from chatting for a moment in the milk aisle with Rusty the sample man. Funny. There's joy to be found in all things, all people, if we're just open to it...I could have just as easily said "No, thank you." and moved on about my busy day. So glad I didn't!

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